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#101 : Hôtel Montecito


Ed Deline est le responsable de la sécurité du complexe Montecito Resort & Casino Las Vegas.Il gère une équipe dont fait parti Danny McCoy un ex-marine. Lorsqu'il surprend ce dernier en pleine action avec sa fille unique Delinda, il devient fou de rage.Danny cherche alors à se faire pardonner mais il doit d'abord retrouver la trace de l'un des plus fidèles clients du Casino qui a mystérieusement disparu.Dans le même temps il est intrigué par la chance anormale d'un groupe de joueurs qu'il suspecte de tricher.


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Hôtel Montecito

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[OPENING SCENE: Las Vegas Desert. A man is lying in the sand, not moving. We see The Strip in the distance, and zoom in on it. A paper flies onto the shot, “Montecito team nabs ring of slot cheats”.  We enter Montecito Casino via Valet. Move onto the casino floor and up an elevator. Camera moves down a hallway to the room at the very end. We see the inside of the room; The Strip can be seen from the window. There are two people having sex on the bed. The woman has a tattoo of a rose on her hip. Camera zooms backs to the elevator and we see the feet of two people exiting it. One of the men has a gun. They walk towards the room, and unlock the door and enter.]
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Welcome to the worst day of my life.
OPENING CREDITS: Theme song- “A Little Less Conversation” – Elvis Presley
[SCENE: Same hotel room. Danny is hurriedly getting dressed in the bathroom, as Ed remains at the top of the stairs.]
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Never sleep with the boss’s daughter.
ED: [coming down the stairs towards Delinda and Danny] I’m gonna kill him!
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Especially if the boss is Big Ed Deline… Former head of CIA Counter Intelligence and the greatest surveillance security man Vegas has ever seen.
ED: Let me get to that Judas in there.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Oh no. He’s gone straight to the Biblical References. If he starts quoting Sun Tzu’s Art of War, I’m screwed.
ED: “Hold out bait to entice the enemy, then crush them.”
DANNY (VOICEOVER): That was a little obvious. Personally I would’ve picked an obscure passage from chapter 12, Attack By Fire.
DELINDA: If anything happens to Danny, Daddy, and I mean anything at all, I’ll kill myself.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Oh, great. Now he’s going to blame me for that, too.
[Ed turns to leave then turns back to Delinda.]
DELINDA: And that includes firing him.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Well, at least I’ll get to keep my job. Not that I’m going to want to since Big Ed can do things to you with a fork that’ll make you cry for your Mama.
ED: Our surveillance system detected a weapon here, Delinda.
DELINDA: Well he did have a weapon, Daddy. Just not the kind you’re thinking of.
ED: You- You’re supposed to be in Europe, studying something.
DELINDA: I got bored.
ED: How long you been in Vegas?
DELINDA: A few days.
ED: Where were you staying?
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Oh, no, don’t tell him…
DELINDA: At Danny’s place.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Oh, she told him!
ED: Your mother’s going to be broken hearted when she hears that not only did you sneak into town but you didn’t have the decency to call and tell her you were alright.
DELINDA: I’ve had lunch with Mom everyday since I’ve been back.
ED: (Leaving) Great.
DELINDA: I love you.
ED: Yeah, okay.
[Door closes.]
DELINDA: You cam come out now.
[Danny comes back out of the bathroom.]
DANNY: Why didn’t you tell me Big Ed was your father?
DELINDA: Now, what fun would that be?
DANNY: You intentionally deceived me because you thought it would be fun?!
DELINDA: Mmmm hmmm!
She starts kissing Danny passionately.
DANNY: (breaking the kiss) I gotta get outta here.
MAN (PAULIE): (To Danny) Mr.D wants to see you. Now! (To Delinda) Long time Delinda, you look great.
DELINDA: You too, Paulie. Lost some weight.
SCENE: Employee hallways.
Paulie: You wake up this morning and take a stupid pill, kid?
Danny: No.
Paulie: you must be on some kind of drug to pull a stunt like this. You work for surveillance and security, kid. Not the Cabana boys.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Surveillance and security: The eyes of Vegas. We see everything.
GIRLS: Hey Danny.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): And I mean everything.
Paulie: Mr. D took you under his wing. This is how you repay him?!
Danny: I swear to God. I didn’t know she was his daughter.
Paulie: That’s it? That’s the best excuse you can come up with? You may be good at eluding surveillance cams to break into suites, but what the hell happened to all that Marine Corps counter-Intel training?
Danny: In the picture on Ed’s desk, she’s four years old!
Paulie: I know. Mr. D likes to remember her that way.
Danny: I can see why.
SCENE: Montecito Surveillance and Security room. One of the monitors shows Danny, straightening his tie.
Man: Tell security down in the wave pool we gotta gal with her top off.
[Cut to outside again]
Paulie: He’s gonna hurt you for this one, kid. He’s gonna hurt you bad. Probably bury you alive in the desert.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): That’s how they too care of problems in mob-ruled Vegas. Bury ‘em alive in the desert. I’m worm food.
[Cut back to inside surveillance and security room]
Man: I got number 7 cam.
Danny enters with Paulie following. They walk up to Ed.
ED: You really put me in a bind. October 25th, 1415.
Danny: Don’t you think we should talk about what just happened?
Ed: We just did. October 25th, 1415.
Danny: Uh… The Battle of Agincourt. Outnumbered ten to one. Henry V led a starving army against the French and massacred them.
Ed: Why were the French vulnerable?
Danny: The civil war between the Dukes of Orléans and Burgundy allowed Henry to capture the port of Harfleur.
DANNY (VOICEOVER): Although we play this military history game all the time, I think the implication here is that he’s Henry and I’m the French...right before the massacre.
Man: (to Danny and Ed) I got a possible cheater on six.
[Camera zooms through screen to Blackjack Table seen on screen. A man in a striped shirt, with a cap and dark glasses is playing. Camera angle changes to one of a camera, and zooms through it back to the screen in the surveillance room.]
Man: I got a bum in bunny slippers on 24. He’s headed towards the cashier’s cage.
[Camera zooms through different screen to the feet of a man wearing bunny slippers]
Man: (over radio) Bunny slippers just cashed his Social Security cheque for $426 in chips. He’s headed to Pit 3.
[Camera zooms out to shot of a screen in the surveillance room]
Ed: Who’s on the floor?
Danny: The Ice Queen.
Ed: Let Nessa know about the card cheat. Nobody moves until we find his accomplice, or his accomplices. (To Danny) You not only violated my trust in you, but the sanctity of my family.
Danny: Believe me, Ed, if I’d known she was your daughter…
Ed: For your own welfare, do not finish that sentence. You judgment is already suspect.
Danny: I’m sorry.
Ed: To say that I’m disappointed in you would be an understatement of epic proportions. Now apart from the fact that she’s my daughter, this is a question I’m asking you as executive vice president in charge of surveillance and security for a multi-billion dollar corporation. Do you routinely jump into bed with women who you do not know the background of because, if you do, that is a major breach of security.
Danny: No, sir, I do not.
Ed: So it’s just with my daughter then.
Danny (VOICEOVER): Ooooh, I walked right into that one.
Ed: The hotel was expecting a whale. A Mr. Warren Herman, net worth $1.4 billion. One of the Montecito’s jets flew him here, but he never made it to the casino.
Danny: Did you sweep the Airport?
Ed: Excuse me? What?
Danny: Of course you swept the airport. I’m sorry. You probably checked the hospitals, the jail, the morgue, ran an electronic trail.
Ed: Listen, there’s been no movement on his credit cards or his bank accounts in the last 24 hours. He’s just disappeared. You need to find him.
Danny: Ed, I just cam off a double shift. I was gonna go home and get some sleep…
Ed: You didn’t look like you needed sleep 20 minuted ago.
Danny: Is this some kind of punishment?
Ed: This has nothing to do with my daughter. That’s a whole other issue we’ll deal with, and believe me, we will deal with it. But right now, you gotta find the whale, or we’re both out of a job.
Paulie: Mr. D, they just arrived.
[One of the screens shows a man and a woman in the valet area]
Ed: Mr and Mrs Johnson. They’re celebrating their 30th anniversary.
Danny: I’m not following.
Ed: Well, you find out what Mrs. J wants for an anniversary present then you get it for Mr. J.
Danny (VOICEOVER): Okay, this is the punishment part.
Man: Our elevator exhibitionist is back. This time it’s a cowboy.
Ed: Alright, listen. Take care of the elevator situation first, then check the undercover people working the cheat and Mr. Bunny Shoes. But most importantly, find the whale. Oh, and do not forget Mr. and Mrs. J’s anniversary.
Danny (VOICEOVER): It’s gonna be one of those days.
Ed: Oh, and Danny…?
Danny: Yeah?
Ed: …Welcome to the family.
Danny: What?
Ed: If I catch you looking at another girl, take a poison pill, ‘cause I’ll kill you.
[Ed walks off]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Okay, I guess it’s not gonna be one of those days. It’s gonna be worse.
[Camera zooms through another screen into the elevator where the woman and her cowboy are essentially having sex.]
Miss Barry: Yee Haw! Ride ‘em, cowboy!
[Cut to outside the elevator. Danny knocks on the doors]
Danny: Sorry to interrupt Miss Barry, but there’s a camera directly over you.
[Cut to inside the elevator]
Danny: (from outside) We can see what you’re doing.
Miss Barry: I Know. (Laughs)
[Cut to Danny outside the elevator. Danny walks off shaking his head.]
[Cut to casino floor.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): I always get the tough jobs. Even before I made the mistake of sleeping with the boss’ daughter. But that’s because I was born and raised in Neon City. Most people here are from someplace else. Because I’m from Vegas, I know everybody, and everybody knows me. Even the hookers at the end of the bar.
[Danny walks past a group of hookers at the end of a bar.]
Danny: Looking beautiful this evening. (VOICEOVER): Despite my situation with Big Ed, he knows I’m his only hope of finding the whale.
[Mr and Mrs. Johnson walk in front of Danny]
Mrs Johnson: High rolling bastard.
Danny (VOICEOVER): The Johnsons. (OUT LOUD): Happy 30th.
[Danny walks over to a woman (Mary) and bumps into her lightly from behind. She turns around]
Mary: Hi.
[She kisses him on the cheek]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Mary Connell. First girl I ever kissed. Fourth grade, behind the swings.
Mary: You look like crap. When was the last time you got some sleep?
Danny (VOICEOVER) Mary and I have been best friends since we were two.
Mary: Hey, Greg’s been looking for you.
Danny: I know. I haven’t had time to return his calls. We lost a whale, is he one of yours? [Shows her a photo]
Mary: No, but I know a girl who dates him when he’s in town. I’ll talk to her.
Danny: Okay.
[Danny and Mary turn to look at some old guy. They face each other again.]
Mary: I gotta go. He’s my date for the night.
[Mary licks her fingers and slicks back Danny’s hair a bit, and then winks at him and leaves.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Okay, I know what you’re thinking here, but don’t even go there. Mary’s not a hooker. She’s a special events director. You want a hooker; go to the end of the bar.
[Cut to a table (Blackjack, I think).Camera moves onto a woman]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Nessa Holt. The Ice Queen. Best pit boss in Vegas, maybe in the world. I’m not sure exactly what her story is, but she’s connected to Big Ed somehow. Too young to have actually been in the CIA with him. But then again, knowing Ed, he probably recruited her when she was a kid.
Nessa: (about one of the players on the table) (British accent) He’s into the casino for a hundred large.
Danny (VOICEOVER): God, I love her accent.
Nessa: He’s bumping his bet like he knows what’s coming, Danny.
Danny: Maybe he does. You think the bum’s working with the cheater?
Nessa: No. Mr. Bunny Slippers is dancing with lady luck. He’s on a roll. But someone is definitely working with your counter.
Danny: Inside job?
Nessa: I switched dealers on him four times already and brought out new decks twice.
Danny: Just play it straight. Our people are everywhere.
[We see several people around the table who are clearly with the Montecito.]
Nessa: Plays a minimum fifty large hand two to three hands at a time. Wears a diamond horseshoe ring on his right pinkie. Takes it out of his shirt pocket and puts it on before the fist card is dealt. Takes it off and puts it back when he’s done. It’s his good luck piece. You lost him didn’t you Danny?
Danny: Not me personally.
Nessa: So when are you going to show me the sights of Vegas like you promised?
[Nessa turns around and takes a couple steps. Danny starts to check out her ass, then quickly looks up at one of the cameras on the ceiling.]
Danny: Um, maybe another time. I gotta find this whale.
Nessa: Check with the butler at the VIP high-roller suite. That’s the whale’s home when he’s in town.
[Danny walks off]
[Cut to VIP high-roller suite. Danny is talking to the guy who is presumably the butler.]
Butler: I can’t tell you much about him. The only time he said anything to me was when he had one of his requests.
Danny: What kind of requests?
Butler: He was with some female companions and wanted the Jacuzzi filled with Taittinger. 1990 vintage, $400 a bottle. I had to send guys all over town to get enough.
Danny: To drink?
Butler: No, to bathe in.
[The butler walks off]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Wonder if they turned the jets on?
[Cut to valet area. Danny comes out of the Montecito talking on his cell phone.]
Danny: Taittinger, vintage 1990. If there’s movement of one bottle in this town, I want a call from you. All right, thank you.
Man (Mike): Whoa…Big Ed’s daughter. Are you crazy?
Danny (VOICEOVER): In this town, valets hear everything. And I mean everything.
Mike: If Big Ed doesn’t kill you, she will.
Danny: Why? What do you know about Delinda?
Mike: You don’t wanna know what I know. (To some other guy) Hey, Stevie! Who’s on vacation, you or these Good folks? That’s right, they are. Now move your jets! (To Danny) Heard you lost a whale.
Danny: Yeah. [Danny shows mike the picture]
Mike: Mr Herman. I always drive him in a limo whenever he’s in town. He always asks for me.
Danny: Why you?
Mike: We talk engineering. Specifically, hydraulics and their applications in a mechanised society.
Danny (VOICEOVER): Mike’s got a master’s degree in engineering, but makes more as a valet and limo driver.
Mike: Hey listen. Mr Herman’s a big fan of La Nude Revue at Crazy Horse. His favourite lady goes on at midnight.
Danny: Alright, thanks. Oh, and keep your ears open for Mr. Johnson.
Mike: Thirtieth anniversary Mr. Johnson?
Danny: Yeah, see if you can find out what Mrs. J wants for an anniversary present. [Starts to walk off]
Mike: Hey, don’t forget. Barbeque at my house tomorrow night. Got some great new gadgets I’ve been working on.
Danny: You’re not going to rewire my car and set it on fire again, are you?
Mike: That hurts Danny. You had a short, okay? That was an accident.
Danny: Promise me you’re not going to touch my car. [Danny’s cell phone rings]
Mike: Get your phone, Ahab, and find your whale and get out of here and let me do my job, okay? [Danny walks towards his car]. Make sure you come!
[Cut to surveillance room]
Ed: [On his own cell phone] Give me a status report
[Cut to Danny]
Danny: Miss Barry and her companion are presently out of the elevator.
[A car screeches right in front of Danny, almost hitting him. The valet is looking at some kind of PDA/Cell phone as he gets out. Danny walks around the car, still talking on his cell phone.]
Danny: Our people are in place on the casino floor and I have feelers out for Mrs. J’s anniversary present.
Ed: (on phone) All right. What about the whale?
Danny: I got a line on a strip club. The whale’s favourite stripper goes on at midnight.
[Cut to Ed in surveillance room]
Ed: Well, that’s good then. [Looks at his watch.] Give you enough time to join the family for a late dinner at Alizé. Thirty minutes. Don’t be late.
[Cut to Danny. He looks at his cell phone in disbelief. Cut to Danny driving along the strip in his car.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Late dinner with the family? What is with him and this family thing? This is not good. In fact, this is really bad. Never sleep with the boss’ daughter. Never. Never.
[Cut to air shot of The Palms]
Woman (VOICEOVER) (Later known as Jillian, Ed’s wife.): What are you more upset about?
[Cut to the interior of a restaurant (Alizé). Ed and Jillian are talking.]
Jillian: That fact that your protégé is sleeping with you daughter or that your protégé didn’t know it was your daughter?
Ed: I wanna know why you didn’t tell me she was in town.
Jillian: She wanted to surprise you.
Ed: Oh, uh…she, uh… She surprised me.
Jillian: Eddie, don’t do what you did to the last boy. It wasn’t nice.
[Danny approaches their table.]
Jillian: Call off your dog, Eddie.
[A man has stopped Danny and is talking to him. Presumably Ed’s “dog”. Ed and Jillian kiss.]
Ed: How’d you know that?
Jillian: (laughing softly) Know what I think?
Ed: No, but I guess you’re gonna tell me.
Jillian: Yes. I don’t think you want to share him. I think you wanna keep this kid all to yourself which is why I never met him, and I think you’re afraid that you’re gonna lose him to your daughter and you’re really pissed off about it. Call off your dog, Eddie. {Jillian slides her hand up Ed’s leg.] If you ever want to go on another gondola ride…
Ed: Stop.
Jillian: What?
[Ed nods at his “dog” and he stands aside to let Danny go. Danny walks over to their table.]                    
Danny: Hope I’m not late.
Jillian: Hello. [Danny and Jillian shake hands] I’m Delinda’s mother, Jillian.
Danny: Wow…I can see where Delinda gets her beauty. Not that you're ugly of anything Ed, but your wife is incredibly –
Jillian: Daniel, why don’t you sit right here by me?
Danny: I’ll shut up now. [He sits down]
Ed: Ah, Danny, some wine. It’s a Pétrus from my collection.
Danny: No thanks. I’m not much of a wine guy. I'm more of a beer guy.
Ed: See, I'm betting you didn’t hear what I just said. This is an ’82 Pétrus from my private collection.
Danny: No, I heard what you said, Ed. It’s just that I don’t like wine.
[Jillian clears her throat]
Danny: But you know what, it’s always good to try new things so…
Waiter: Very well.
Danny: As a matter of fact, I was just telling Delinda that last night –
Ed: You might want to stop talking.
Danny: Bottoms up. [Drinks the wine] Wow, that’s not half bad. [Puts up his glass for some more]
Waiter: Very well.
Jillian: You know what? I've been trying to get Ed to invite you for dinner for months now. He’s just not really very good at sharing.
[Ed looks over Danny’s shoulder at something. Danny turns and sees Delinda looking really sexy.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): She may actually be worth getting killed for.
[Delinda kisses Danny very passionately in front of her parents. Ed picks up a fork and Jillian holds his hand down.]
Ed: Excuse me. Excuse me.
[Danny and Delinda stop kissing. Delinda kisses her Mom on the cheek.]
Delinda: Hi, Mom.
Jillian: Hello.
[Delinda sits down in her seat]
Ed: Jillian and I were wondering what your intentions might be.
Delinda: (Cutting off Danny) My intentions, Daddy?
Ed: Well, you know, Danny wo –
Danny (VOICEOVER): Uh oh.
Delinda: I thought I’d have as much sex with him and his cute little butt as possible and then when I get bored, dump him.
Ed: That’s cute. Extremely funny. [Delinda smiles] Well, when I was your age, we didn’t have this problem with –
Delinda: Don’t even go there. Mom already told my about when you were my age. Those nightly gondola rides sounded pretty sexy.
Ed: (to Jillian) You told her about the gondola rides?
Jillian: She asked.
Ed: You don’t talk about that stuff with your daughter.
Jillian: I didn’t show her the video.
Danny: Video? (Laughing) well, Ed, that’s –
Ed: Shut up.
[Ed’s cell phone rings.]
Jillian: Eddie, that’s your phone.
Ed: Excuse me. [Leaves the table and answers his cell phone] Yeah. Hey Phil.
[Delinda puts her foot of Danny’s crotch. He exclaims softly in pain.]
Ed: Okay, thanks pal. I appreciate it. [Returning to the table] Our playing hasn’t called into or out of any of his phones, including his cell, last 24 hours.
Danny: Did you have the CIA check to see if – [Delinda, Jillian and Ed all quickly look at Danny]
Danny (VOICEOVER): I’m in big trouble here.
[Scene cuts away to a shot of Vegas at night]
Danny (VOICEOVER): I gotta talk to Mary. She’ll know what to do about Big Ed and this family thing.
[Cut to inside of the Montecito. Mary is standing there in a black dress.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Mary always knows what to do.
[Danny walks over to Mary]
Mary: This better be good, Danny. I'm working. My date thinks I'm in the bathroom. And he’s on a roll.
Danny: I’m sorry, but I'm in kind of a pickle.
Mary: Oh, you and you're pickle are in a pickle alright.
Danny: You heard.
Mary: Big Ed’s daughter?! Never sleep with a woman trying to piss off her father, Danny.
Danny: What is that? Some rule I'm supposed to know? Guys don’t know that rule. You name me one guy who knows that rule.
Mary: You name me one guy who actually thinks before he jumps into bed with a woman. How could you let yourself get into this situation?
Danny: It just, kinda, happened.
Mary: All right Danny. First of all, nothing just kind of happens with women. We may want you to think it just kind of happened, but it didn’t.
Danny: All right, now you’re scaring me.
Mary: You should be scared. And not just of her. Then again, you could always just go back to the family business.
Danny: No, that’s not going to happen, Mary. You know that.
Mary: You know, your father and your grandfather handed you that business on a silver platter, Danny, and you just threw it back in their faces.
Danny: I did not just throw it back in their faces, okay. I joined the marines.
Mary: Same difference. You walked out on them, Danny, when they needed you most. [Sniffs]
Danny: You know I had to leave, Mary.
Mary: I know. [Straightens Danny’s tie] I gotta go. We’ll talk later. [Mary goes to leave]
Danny: Hey. [Mary stops and turns around] Thanks for being there.
Mary: I've always been there for you, Danny.
Danny (VOICEOVER): And she has, too. [Cut to Danny driving in his car along the strip]. But I haven’t always been there for her. I should have been there when things went bad between her and her father but I wasn’t…Right now, I need to find the whale. Because there is now way in hell I’m going back to the family business.
[Cut to La Nude Revue. Women are dancing on poles.]
Bouncer: He was here last night. Left in a hurry.
Danny: Which one’s his favourite?
Bouncer: Jewel. With the breast tattoo.
[Danny walks over to one of the strippers]
Jewel: Hey…would you like a private dance?
Danny: Uh…
Jewel: Behind the glass?
Danny: No thanks, just some information, please.
Jewel: Well, that’ll cost just as much as a private dance. So what do you say, big boy? Private dance?
Danny: Thanks, but I'm gonna have to pass. It’s a… (VOICEOVER) That’s an all night affair. [Shows her the picture]
Jewel: Haven’t seen him. Should have taken the private dance.
[She goes to stick the photo down her top when Danny notices her ring]
Danny: Where’d you get the ring?
Jewel: None of your business.
Danny: It is my business.
Jewel: Mr. Herman gave it to me.
Danny: Where is he?
Jewel: I haven’t seen him since late last night. He stayed for a while, then he got into a limo and left in a hurry.
Danny: Whose limo?
Jewel: I dunno. It was black. Didn’t have any signage.
Random guy: (to Jewel) Hey…
Jewel: Hey.
Danny (VOICEOVER): There’s no way he would give her his lucky ring. Unless he ran out of luck, which means he lost big. I bet he came into town with cash, which is why there was no electronic trail.
[Danny dials a number on his cell phone]
J.D (On Cell phone): Agent Walker, IRS.
Danny: J.D. Hey, it’s Danny.
J.D. (On Cell phone): Hey, Danny.
Danny: Did you hear of anyone dumping big bucks at a casino in the last 24 hours?
J.D. (On Cell phone): Yeah, we’re looking for the money.
Danny: Okay, thank you. (VOICEOVER): In Vegas, even the IRS is 24/7.
[Cut to air shot of the Luxor (The big pyramid casino)]
Ed (VOICEOVER): (On Cell Phone with Danny) What have you got on the whale, Danny?
[Cut to shot of a screen in the Montecito surveillance and security room of Danny on the casino floor]
Danny: He played at another casino last night and lost big. I'm just trying to find out which casino.
Ed: Mr. Bunny Shoes is up a $1.2 million. Playing every hand on the table, not even looking at his card. He’s just waiting for the dealer to bust.
[Ed hangs up the phone as Danny enters]
Danny: He’s on a hell of a roll.
Ed: Yeah. He’s not my only problem. I picked up an unauthorised frequency.
[Cut to four monitors displaying different angles of the cheater]
Danny: Could be the cheater’s accomplice.
Ed: Not “could be”. It is. He’s close. I'm trying to locate the source but it’s scrambled.
Danny: How much is he up?
Ed: $750000.
Danny: How the hell is he doing that?
Ed: I don’t know yet.
Danny: I'm gonna run a facial through the black book. (VOICEOVER): The black book. Used to actually be a book. Now its computerized in a global network that allows casinos worldwide to track cheaters. More importantly, you can identify a cheater with just a partial face feature. Dark glasses and a hat are a bitch, though.
Ed: Jillian wants you to come over for Sunday dinner, 6:00.
Danny: Sorry Ed, I got plans. I'm going to Mike’s house. (Awkward pause) Why – Uh, Why don’t you join me?
Ed: Swell. The family will join you.
Danny (VOICEOVER): There’s that family thing again.
Ed: I don’t want you to think for one second that just because my wife thinks she likes you, that you're back in my good graces.
[Danny’s cell phone rings]
Danny: (On Cell Phone) Danny McCoy.
Leon: (On Cell Phone) Leon at Wine Export. Guy just came in and bought every case of 1990 Taittinger I have. $56,000 worth.
Ed: Hold it. I'm locked on. Signal’s going into and out of the casino. Our cheat is communication with someone on the outside.
Danny: The outside?
[Zoom through one of the monitors displaying the cheat. There is a crowd around him, clapping and cheering.]
[Scene cuts to inside the surveillance room. Four monitors displaying the cheat are on screen. Paulie approaches Ed with some sort of device.]
Ed: Run that infrared through the casino. Put that bum in one of the high-roller suites. Don’t need to be dealing with two problems at once.
[Cut to Casino floor. Danny is walking slowly carrying the device which is beeping. Mary walks up to Danny.]
Mary: Alright, the girl who dates your whale was just called by the casino host at the Sand Dragon and told when and where to meet him.
Danny: She get the name of the casino host?
Mary: Yeah, Sam.
Danny: (Laughing) That guy’s the biggest whale thief in town! He plays hit and run, never showing his face.
[Mary puts her had near the device]
Mary: What are you doing?
Danny: Anyone who’s using anything illegal the infrared will pick up the flickers on the surveillance cams.
[Cut to the Bum’s table.]
Dealer: Congratulations, sir.
Bum (Tom): Yeah. God!
[Tom leans over to another player at the table]
Guy: God, this guy’s pathetic. Smells, too.
[He signals to Nessa, who comes over.]
Guy: Miss, I told you I need my own table.
Nessa: I’ll take care of you. Please come with me. Look after Mr. Maloof. Reserve this table.
[Danny approaches Tom]
Danny: Hi, I'm Danny McCoy. The hotel would like to make a VIP suite available to you.
Tom: Okay. Go away. Way away.
[Danny signals to Nessa who comes forward.]
Nessa: New decks.
[Mary comes up to Tom.]
Mary: You know, they have great room service in the VIP suite. You can order anything you want, even have a chef come up and cook it for you.
Tom: Mac and cheese?
Mary: Ah…Yeah! To die for! Best mac and cheese in town.
Tom: Oatmeal cookies and milk?
Mary: They’ll make you whatever you want.
Tom: Okay.
[Tom gets up.]
Mary: All right. I’ll show you the way.
[Tom takes off one of his bunny slippers and put all his chips into it. Mary turns to Danny and Mouths “You owe me”.]
Mary: Let me help you with your money. Okey dokey.
[Danny walks off talking on his cell phone.]
Danny: We found our whale.
[Zoom back through camera into surveillance room]
Ed: Get him back. Now. Whatever it takes, Danny.
[Cut to valet.]
Danny: How you doing?
Mike: Good. Your pop’s here. [Danny walks away] Morning rush, folks. 1,500 people checking out right now. Lets get them in cabs and get them out of here.
Danny: What are you doing here?
Danny’s Dad: I was on my way to work. I was wondering if you were gonna come with me to see your mother.
Danny: Dad. It’s not Mom. It’s a headstone.
Danny’s Dad: That mean you're not going? [Long pause] Well, you should stop by the new job site—
Danny: I'm not really into job sites.
Danny’s Dad: You used to love them.
Danny: you used to love to take me because you didn’t have a babysitter.
Danny’s Dad: There’s not one piece of heavy equipment out there you can’t operate.
Danny: Nothing like working a 40 hour week in 115-degree weather when you're 10.
Danny’s Dad: I'm gonna be late for work. Listen, Greg needs to talk to you. You call him, okay?
[Danny nods and his Dad starts to drive off]
Danny: Dad, wait. Call me before you head over to the cemetery. I’ll meet you there.
Danny (VOICEOVER): My mom was the love of my Dad’s life. And he’s never gotten over it. Today would have been her birthday.
Danny: If Mom were still alive, what do you think she’d want for her 30th wedding anniversary?
Danny’s Dad: I’d hope she’d still want me, son.
[Cut to the Sand Dragon. Danny drives into the valet area.]
Danny: (giving his keys to a valet) Don’t move it unless you have to.
Valet: Got it.
Valet 2: What’s up Danny?
[Danny walks towards the entrance. He stops just before entering.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Black limo, no signage. Bingo.
[Cut to the interior of the Sand Dragon. An assistant is behind the desk. Danny enters and walks up to the desk.]
Assistant: Danny?
Danny: Jane! (VOICEOVER) I hate running into women I used to date.
Jane: Are you, like, stalking me?
Danny: No.
Jane: ‘Cause you know there’s laws against that. I'm sorry. I didn’t return your phone calls and you're like, all obsessed with me.
Danny: I'm not obsessed with you.
Jane: Here’s the thing. You're really cute but I didn’t think there were any sparks whatsoever between us so—
Danny: I'm looking for Sam.
Jane: Oh. (laughs) He’s not here.
Danny (VOICEOVER): Thank god she didn’t return my phone calls.
[Danny exits. A waitress walks past him with a bottle of 1990 Taittinger.]
Danny (VOICEOVER): Taittinger, 1990.
[Cut to inside of the pool. Mr Herman and a few ladies are in the tub.]
Mr. Herman: Ladies, there’s enough of me for everyone. Don’t fight.
Girl: Hey Danny.
Danny: Mr Herman, hey. My name is Danny McCoy. I work for Montecito Resort and Casino. The resort and casino that sent the plane for you. We sent that plane so you would stay and, more importantly, play at the Montecito.
Mr. Herman: If you have a problem, you need to talk to Sam.
Danny: Believe me sir, I’d like nothing better, but nobody seems to know where he is or who he is for that matter.
Mr. Herman: He’s right behind you.
[Danny turns around. He sees Jane and laughs. He walks over to her.]
Danny: Sam.
Sam: Samantha Jane.
Danny: You posed as your own secretary?
Sam: Don’t look so surprised. All’s fair in love, war and casino hosting.
Danny: You went out with me just to try to get information.
Sam: You went out with me just to try to get me into bed.
Danny: Yeah, but I never tried to get information out of you.
Sam: So you think I was actually flirting with you? (Laughs mockingly)
Danny: Come work for us. Exclusively.
Sam: Why would I consider that? I'm a freelancer.
Danny: Job security.
Sam: Not something I think about.
Danny: You should.
Sam: Why?
Danny: Whale thieves aren’t looked upon highly, and since I know your little secret, Jane…
Sam: Your whale dropped a wad here. I can write my own ticket.
Danny: Not if I put you in the black book.
Sam: You can’t put me in the black book.
Danny: Sure, I can. Mistakes happen all the time. Could take years to discover.
[Sam begins to walk past Danny]
Danny: I’ll bump you 10%. Just because I'm a nice guy.
Sam: Fifty.
Danny: Twenty.
Sam: Forty and you get me exclusively for sixty days.
Danny: Thirty and one hundred and twenty days.
Sam: I’ll take your 30/120, but I want a suite in the hotel to live in.
Danny: Strip or mountain view?
Sam: Strip, of course.
[Cut to Montecito Valet. Danny drives in, and the camera pans to a black limo. Mike opens the door.]
Mike: Hey, Mr. Herman.
Mr. Herman: Hey
Mike: Welcome back. I see you brought your posse.
[Danny walks nearby looking at his cell phone. He almost gets hit by the same guy who almost hit him last time. The guy is still looking at some sort of cell phone/PDA thing. Danny dials his cell phone.]
Danny: (on cell phone): Okay, I got the whale. I'm checking him in now. But there’s a little problem.
Ed: (walking up to Danny): What kind of problem?
Danny: I had to hire the casino host with a 30% bump and give her a suite to live in.
Ed: You what?
Danny: You told me that I should do whatever it takes.
Ed: You're not, uh… [Looks at Sam]
Danny: Oh! No, I swear.
Sam: Don’t worry, the only one he’s doing is your daughter.
Ed: Thankyou. I'm gonna go on the floor. Check on Mr. Herman and I’ll meet you there.
[Danny nods and Ed walks off. Sam walks past Danny.]
Sam: I'm really gonna like working here. (Giggles)
[Cut to check-in desk. Danny, Sam and Mr. Herman are there.]
Clerk: There’s a little bit of a problem. We put the other gentleman you told us to in Mr. Herman’s suite.
[Cut to Mr. Herman/Tom’s suite. A waiter gives Tom a big bowl of Mac and Cheese.]
Tom: Okay, great. Thankyou. Hot, hot.
[Tom begins eating the mac and cheese.]
[Cut back to check-in desk.]
Sam: Put Mr. Herman in another suite.
Mr. Herman: What do you mean, put me in another suite? That’s my suite. I stay there or I leave.
[Sam looks at Danny and smiles.]
Danny: Don’t look at me. You're the new casino host. Take care of it.
[Cut to Mr Herman/Tom’s suite.]

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